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Don't let your home fall to the bees

There's nothing to fear from the buzzing, stinging, striped monsters – at least, there's nothing to fear when you have our number handy. Give our experts a call at the first buzz for fast service.

• Bee removal

• Wasp removal

• Hive removal


Don't just remove the symptoms – remove the source. While spraying for bees may alleviate the troubles, the only real solution is removal of the hive – a service in which our technicians are specially trained.

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From bees and wasps to ants and roaches, you can count on our experts for all your pest control needs.


Give us a call today to schedule service and see what we can do for you and your home. All of our professionals' techniques and chemicals are safe for pets and children, as well as the environment.

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Expert bee and wasp removal


Relax – we have it under control. All bee and wasp removal services are backed by full guarantees for extra peace of mind.

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